[Buildroot] x86_64 and grub

Rickard Lind rille at tutus.se
Mon Oct 24 11:18:57 UTC 2011


I'm using buildroot-2011.08 with a x86_64 target to build an ext2 image and I would like to include grub, but building grub fails when linking for not finding libgcc. I think this is because grub wants to be built 32 bit (presumably something to do with booting) and gcc is only built with a 64 bit libgcc due to the --disable-multilib configure option. I tried to remove the --disable-multilib option but then the gcc build dies with "cannot find -lc" while building libgcc. I switched from the default gcc to the latest (4.6.1) but that made no difference. I could not find anything in the bugzilla; is there some workaround or should I file a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Regards, Rickard

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