[Buildroot] proc not mouning

Wed Mar 23 21:14:12 UTC 2011

> Interestingly I solved the problem.
> I was originally generating the root filesystem as a cpio archive
> and using that
> to populate my SD card. Later on, as a build optimization, I
> disabled generating
> rootfs.cpio at the top level Buildroot menuconfig. Instead I
> started copying
> 'output/target/*' over to my SD card. That's when the trouble began

Which gives you empty /dev/* files -- as these are created in
the fakeroot.  Perhaps you could just `make tarroot` and unpack that
into your SD card.  That _should_ give you real device nodes.

> I guess. I
> switched back to using rootfs.cpio to populate the SD card and I no
> longer have the
> problem. :-)
> I've been dinged by not using cpio formats before, but had
> forgotten. What is it
> about cpio keeping filesystem archives sane when you copy them to
> other media?
> Why can't I just 'cp' the entire filesystem over as root?
> Thanks Andy for your attention.

Sorry I wasn't more help.

> /carl


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