[Buildroot] problems compiling crosstools-ng

chris at basementcode.com chris at basementcode.com
Tue Mar 22 14:24:39 UTC 2011

 I'm not sure if this belongs in the crosstools mailing list, or the 
 buildroot mailing list, so sorry if this in the wrong place.

 I'm having a fair amount of trouble compiling the crosstools-ng 

 I just wanted to post the errors that I was unable to get around while 
 compiling with various versions of buildroot.

 m4 gives and error and says "--gnu" is not a valid option.
 I have m4-1.4.15 installed, and the man page says that --gnu is valid.
 Does buildroot have another copy of m4?

 during the configure stage of binutils the configure script spawns the 
 following process over and over until swap is filled and the system 
 makeinfo --force --force --force --force --force --force --force 
 --force --force --force --force  ......
 Same for the latest git version.

 I left the make menuconfig options as default, except to pick an arm 
 target and the crosstools-ng toolchain with glibc.
 I'm running gentoo as a distro.

 If anybody has encountered and solved these problems before, please let 
 me know.



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