[Buildroot] inittab for Busybox

Heyendal, Carl CHeyendal at stanleyworks.com
Tue Mar 15 20:10:04 UTC 2011

Thanks Thomas. Good explanation. Please don't interpret my thoughts 
as complaints. It is a useful and helpful tool.


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> Hello,
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> "Heyendal, Carl" <CHeyendal at stanleyworks.com> wrote:
> > Really!! 'make clean' from Buildroot directory? That's a complete
> > rebuild!!
> Yes, it is. For now, Buildroot is "nothing" more but a tool that
> automates the process of building an embedded Linux system. It is not
> very smart, so it cannot remove packages that have been installed, or
> revert changes that have been made to the target filesystem.
> My view on this: Buildroot has been more or less abandonned until late
> 2008/early 2009, when Peter took over the maintainership of the
> project. Since that time, our main goal was to clean up the existing
> code base, keeping the existing feature set (in fact, we added a bunch
> of features as well, but we didn't fundamentaly changed how Buildroot
> works). Now that this cleanup process is mostly over, I'd say that
> solving the issue you're facing here is now on the top priorities of
> the project. At least it's where it is on my own Buildroot TODO list.
> But there a fairly huge and complex amount of work to do here, so it
> isn't going to happen overnight.
> > How come then it picked up my other Busybox change without having to
> > do a global re-build?
> Because when you change the Busybox configuration, we have a make
> dependency that makes sure that Busybox gets rebuilt/reinstalled.
> But that does not happen when you unselect sysvinit.
> Regards,
> Thomas
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