[Buildroot] gpsd not included in build

bruce bushby bruce.bushby at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 22:40:11 UTC 2011


I hope I'm not being really thick here....but I can't seem to get "gpsd" to
be included in my build.

I'm trying with "buildroot-2011.02" and "daily snapshot" on both ubuntu and
Fedora but for some reason, the "make" doesn't download or compile gpsd.

I checked package/Config.in ... looks ok
I added GPSD_SOURCE to: package/gpsd/gpsd.mk

I manually downloaded the package into /opt/buildroot/dl

I tried unticking it, re-running make (without a make clean) and then
selecting it and running "make"....but it appears to ignore it.

it's definitely in my config file:
[root at core buildroot]# grep -i gps .config | grep -v "^#"
[root at core buildroot]#

Any tricks I'm missing? .... I've added my own packages and they're pulled
in and compiled hence my confusion :)
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