[Buildroot] Xterm: undefined reference to __longjmp_chk

Massimiliano Marretta max at marretta.com
Thu Oct 7 18:19:31 UTC 2010


I'm using the buildroot 2010.08 version with crosstool-ng toolchain. The 
target is an x86 i686.
I receive this error wit xterm compilation:

charproc.o: In function `VTReset':
charproc.c:(.text+0x2623): undefined reference to `__longjmp_chk'
main.o: In function `hungtty':
main.c:(.text+0x867): undefined reference to `__longjmp_chk'
misc.o: In function `end_vt_mode':
misc.c:(.text+0x3a3): undefined reference to `__longjmp_chk'
misc.o: In function `end_tek_mode':
misc.c:(.text+0x3c7): undefined reference to `__longjmp_chk'
Tekproc.o: In function `Tinput':
Tekproc.c:(.text+0x1336): undefined reference to `__longjmp_chk'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [xterm] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory 
make: *** 
[/srv/source/buildroot-2010.08/output/build/xterm-259/.stamp_built] Error 2


Massimiliano Marretta
Via Zuccola 11
41015 Nonantola (Mo) - Italy
tel: +39 347 5340305
skype: mmarretta
/mailto:max at marretta.com/
/web:www.marretta.com/ <http://www.marretta.com>

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