[Buildroot] [PATCH 05/10] microcom: convert to gentargets

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Tue Oct 5 19:48:07 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Banky <Martin.Banky at gmail.com> writes:

 Martin> Thomas,

 Martin>      I guess I should have explained this better. What I meant
 Martin> about microcom being a flat archive, is that when you extract
 Martin> it, it does not create a directory for itself. It just sticks
 Martin> its files, without a directory being created, in the current
 Martin> directory. $(TAR_STRIP_COMPONENTS)=1 is 'Automatically detect
 Martin> tar --strip-path/components option', which, equates to either
 Martin> --strip-path or --strip-components, depending on the version of
 Martin> tar. Per the man page: --strip-components = 'strip NUMBER
 Martin> leading components from file names on extraction', which means
 Martin> that for microcom, which doesn't have a directory structure, it
 Martin> strips all the file names off, so no files actually get
 Martin> extracted. This in turn, means that the patch routine does not
 Martin> work. Hence, the reason for manually patching microcom. If you
 Martin> have a better solution, I'd appreciate it, if you would show
 Martin> me, because I couldn't figure one out. I hope this makes more
 Martin> sense.

Maybe we should just get rid of the microcom package instead? It was
integrated into busybox a few years ago, which is also why it was marked
as deprecated.

I'll remove it later this week unless someone complains.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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