[Buildroot] sparc gdb-targetserver and sparc-v7 shared library generation

Konrad Eisele konrad at gaisler.com
Thu Nov 18 14:03:08 UTC 2010

2 additional patches:
 + 0005-gdb-Add-sparc-support-to-gdbserver.patch
   adds SPARC support to gdb target server
 + 0006-config-Remove-automatic-disable-of-shared-library-fo.patch
   disables the automatic disable of shared library for
   sparc-v7. I dont see a dependency between shared library and v7.
   The difference between v7 and v8 is that in v8 you have
   the added math asm-insns: smul/umul/udiv/sdiv/urem.
   It shouldnt affect shared libraries creation.

One effect of 0006-config-Remove-automatic-disable-of-shared-library-fo.patch
is that you dont need BR2_EXTRA_GCC_CONFIG_OPTIONS="--disable-libgomp"
for the default build because libgomp's build needs shared libraries to succeed.

-- Greetings Konrad
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