[Buildroot] [Bug 2839] compile fails in various packages with a odd message "error: impossible constraint in 'asm'"

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Wed Nov 24 04:16:52 UTC 2010


--- Comment #9 from Sérgio <sergio at sergiomb.no-ip.org>  ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> Try using gcc 4.3.x instead of the (experimental) 4.5.x, this will probably fix
> most of your constraint issues.
> Since gcc 4.4+ MIPS became more sensitive to some optimizations thus breaking
> some source code.
> libmad is fixed in git.
> libgcrypt will probably be fixed soon (fixed in my tree
> GMP will have to wait IMHO since it's pretty tied up to the internal toolchain.
> I've got a fix for it but don't expect it to ship for the 2010.11 release since
> it's part of an internal toolchain revamp.

After back to gcc 4.3 and with lastest git I had also compile libgcrypt and

so may be we can close the bug has fixed.

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