[Buildroot] What is procedure for building custom Linux-2.6.36 from BuildRoot?

Charles Martel SingerIsland at gmx.com
Mon Nov 8 16:28:54 UTC 2010

I noticed that BuildRoot will build a linux-2.6.36 kernel using default values. What is the procedure for building a custom build of the Linux kernel?
Specifically, BuildRoot builds SPI Drivers as modules (.ko) by default. I'd like to have the SPI Drivers built-in (Y instead of M) and also have the UserSpace SPIDEV built.
Can this be done from BuildRoot or must I rebuild the Linux kernel after building the BuildRoot filesystem?

Also, I had to modify the Makefile to not wipe out the Linux .config file when I execute "make clean". Is there a better way to store the customized values in Linux .config as part of the BuildRoot build configuration?

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