[Buildroot] running tools on build host?

Odd Arild Olsen oao at oao.no
Sun Nov 7 10:49:47 UTC 2010

I have built the gcc/uclibc toolchain and got the files installed in a 
/usr/local directory. 

I develop for an embedded i386 machine and need uClibc for that.

I also wish to execute the compiled programs on the build machine during 
development. But I have not found any combination of options and environment 
variables that let me run the program with dynamic linking. The linker always 
goes to the /lib directory and gets confused by libc6 stuff.   

I can compile and run a statically linked program

And I can compile the program and then copy the executable to the root image, 
chroot and run it

Are there any way I can set this up so I can run my programs on the build host 
without copying the toolchain librariess to /lib


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