[Buildroot] [Review] Add gcc 4.5.1

Gustavo Zacarias gustavo at zacarias.com.ar
Wed Nov 3 19:23:08 UTC 2010

On 09/20/10 19:03, Martin Banky wrote:

> This is the first pass at adding gcc 4.5.1 to buildroot. It builds fine for the
> host and the target. The question I have, is the implementation the correct
> way to change the toolchain? I couldn't find a lot of documentation regarding
> the toolchain (as far as changing or updating it). Also, can the toolchain mk
> files be updated to the new format or are their builds too complex?
> [PATCH 1/3] dbus: bump to 1.4.0
> [PATCH 2/3] m4: bump to 1.4.15
> [PATCH 3/3] Added gcc 4.5.1 to buildroot

I've been testing this and stuck in a few fixes.
My changes are at git://repo.or.cz/buildroot-gz.git
Fixes are various:
* Fix mpc download site
* Forward-port the powerpc softfloat patch (you probably didn't hit the
problem because it's conditional)
* Disable targetopts for powerpc and gcc 4.5.x
* Fix a ton of ARM issues

Word of caution, gcc 4.5 isn't able to build good ARM kernels that can
load modules for versions <2.6.36 unless a patch is applied, see
Tested for arm softfloat (hardware), arm hardfloat (qemu), mips32
(qemu), powerpc hardfloat (e300c3) and powerpc softfloat (qemu).
Thanks for your work on this.

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