[Buildroot] at91sam9260 alsa problem

Michael Trimarchi trimarchimichael at yahoo.it
Tue Nov 2 14:43:40 UTC 2010


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> Da: Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at uclibc.org>
> A: Michael Trimarchi <trimarchimichael at yahoo.it>
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> Inviato: Mar 2 novembre 2010, 15:23:28
> Oggetto: Re: at91sam9260 alsa problem
> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Trimarchi <trimarchimichael at yahoo.it>  writes:
>  Michael> Hi all
>  Michael> I have fixed and tested  the gstreamer and alsa on my platform
>  Michael> and now all works  perfectly
> Great, what was the problem and care to send a patch so I can  integrate
> it?

The problem in my case was that linux compile the alsa using
armv5te and arm9tdmi option and alsa lib was compiled with different flags. So I 
have added the option for generate the arm9tdmi and armv5te combination, 
changing the configuration option of the buildroot and add them. I don't know if 
the git includes them. BTW another problem but it's just a note for the 
developers that use gstreamer and to pay attention to compile buildroot with the 
same sanitized header of the kernel of the final kernel version on your device. 
For istance I was using the 2.6.29 and the ppoll for arm not was included and 
the gstreamer was having problem because the code use them when the buffer 
does't have data on it. Hope that was clear. I will send a patch if it is 
necessary. I don't understand why all atmel architecture that are compiled with 
this tuning don't are compiled with the armv5te and arm9tdmi combination.

Best regards

> -- 
> Bye, Peter Korsgaard


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