[Buildroot] Patch for zip and tar/lzma extraction

Jonathan Bowman bowmanjd at gmail.com
Tue May 25 01:02:11 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I have attached a patch that allows sources to be lzma-compressed
tarballs or zip archives, in addition to the bzipped and gzipped
tarballs currently allowed in generic and autotools-based package

Would someone be able to review this?

I am new to git, new to buildroot, and new to collaborative
open-source etiquette, so have at me if I am off in any of these

I have also attached a patch that adds cyassl (a lightweight
crypto/ssl library written in C, supposedly openssl-compatible) as an
optional library. I have not tested it thoroughly, and it may not be
useful at all. I only include it in case you are interested in using
it to test the zip download/extraction process. Strangely, the yassl
project (http://yassl.com/) does not provide tarballs, only zip files,
hence my need for the included zip-xz patch (the lzma stuff was added
just because it was easy to do and seemed relevant given the growing
popularity of lzma -- it is totally unrelated to the zip extraction

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