[Buildroot] Help with configuring Buildroot for the Omap3530 EVM

Michael S. Zick minimod at morethan.org
Mon May 24 23:02:52 UTC 2010

On Mon May 24 2010, Paul Jones wrote:
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> > Sorry everone, this is a bit of complaining from me, with a hope that
> there is
> > someone that can give me either help to configure Buildroot for an
> > Omap3530 EVM board, or hard measurements that I can use to show my
> > Management (and TI) that OE is slow and will cost us development time.
> > 
> > Here is my problem:
> > We are beginning a new project, an have decided to use the Omap3530 EVM
> > board to begin development on. We do not know if we will go to market with
> > the OMAP or some other processor at this time.
> > Seems like the entire Omap Open Source Community has jumped to using
> > OpenEmbedded with no consideration for how well it works. I find several
> > documents that give hearsay comments that it might be slow, but no metrics
> > to show what they mean. I have seen that it seems to be around
> > 2.5 to 4 times slower that buildroot, and even worse running on a VM, but
> > due to my lack of experience with OE, it could be a configuration error on
> my
> > part. I am working with the Arago group on that.
> > 
> > Does anyone have a board configuration for the Omap3503 EVM for
> > buildroot? It would help a lot if I could show my management a working
> build

Check on the recently posted patch to add support for the Beagleboard
to Buildroot.  The Beagleboard uses an Omap3530.

I admit that I didn't read the patch, but any new board should have 
a defconfig file as part of its addition to Buildroot.

> > really quickly. I need the target/device files and Omap patches in a
> working
> > build. I am not being given any time to work on this because Arago
> "works".
> >From my experience with a mini2440 board it seems that the quickest route is
> to get a kernel patch and get that building/running using buildroot, then
> work on the root filesystem. All I had to do was select my architecture
> (arm920) and choose some packages to build.
> Good Luck!
> Paul.
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