[Buildroot] Basic stupid questions regarding buildroot

David Wooff David.Wooff at calrec.com
Thu May 20 10:23:40 UTC 2010

sorry for these rather basic questions:
1.  If I download the latest version of buildroot, am I tied to a
particular version of the kernel?  I current have an old buildroot (from
late last year and kernel 2.6.30, but I'm going to download the latest
buildroot because I'm having compilation problems (since I did a
"clean") and it has been suggested that I use the latest version.  I
currently build the kernel separately.
2. Regarding pre-requisite "packages" or build tools, if I have to
manually download a toolset of some description, where does it have to
live?  Is this automatically "known" by any application which might want
to use it?  Is there a list of anything I need to manually install
before attempting to build buildroot?
Many thanks,
Dave W.

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