[Buildroot] uClibc errors

Marcel korgull at home.nl
Sun May 16 15:55:55 UTC 2010


Probably all errors I get come from this :

/bin/sh: /home/marcel/arm/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin/arm-linux-uclibc-gcc: 
No such file or directory
make[1]: /home/marcel/arm/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin/arm-linux-uclibc-gcc: 
Command not found
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/marcel/arm/toolchain_build_arm/uClibc'
make[1]: /home/marcel/arm/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin/arm-linux-uclibc-gcc: 
Command not found
  GEN include/bits/sysnum.h
extra/scripts/gen_bits_syscall_h.sh: line 31: 
/home/marcel/arm/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin/arm-linux-uclibc-gcc: No such 
file or directory
extra/scripts/gen_bits_syscall_h.sh: line 27: 
/home/marcel/arm/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin/arm-linux-uclibc-gcc: No such 
file or directory
ERROR: Could not generate syscalls.
Make sure that you have proper kernel headers.
Your .config in KERNEL_HEADERS="" was set to:
make[1]: *** [include/bits/sysnum.h] Error 1

I wonder why things didn't get build in build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin
My initial system does have this correctly and I build the current machine 
using the same config files (at least it seems that way).

Any ideas why it doesn't build the staging_dir correctly ? 
Can I force it to build this first before continuing ?


> Hi,
> I have one system set up with a fully working buildroot and try to build
> the same on another but run into some issues with uClibc.
> I have tried the daily snapshot of uClibc and versions 0.9.29 and 0.9.30
> but none of them compiles.
> Since I don't want the daily snapshot I would like to fix my setup to
> version 0.9.30 but I get an error while compiling :
> make[1]: Entering directory
> `/home/marcel/arm/toolchain_build_arm/uClibc-0.9.30'
>   AS lib/crt1.o
> cc1: error: bad value (ap) for -march= switch
> Any ideas on this ?
> Best regards,
> Marcel
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