[Buildroot] serial console and wpa_supplicant

mohamed mohamed nour eldin eng.mohamed.nour.eldin at gmail.com
Thu May 6 22:40:57 UTC 2010

first of all, we want to thank u very much for developing this fantastic
tool which helped us a lot in building a linux filesystem
we (my team & i) are working on our graduation project which is an e-book
reader device running embedded linux
so we used buildroot for building our system
we are facing 2 problems by now:

1- when we connect the board to a pc through serial port, the loading is
shown normally on the super terminal (minicom) but at the end of the loading
we wait for a console to show up, but nothing happens, sohow to open a
serial console

2- when building a systen with wpa_supplicant package, we face an error: ld
can't find -lnl, although libnl was built successfully

thanks a lot
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