[Buildroot] How to create a non mmu toolchain

Ben Kloosterman bklooste at gmail.com
Wed May 5 07:10:07 UTC 2010

Thx for your reply .

So which chain supports Nommu ?

Br no mmu support
Crosstool no mmu support. 
Ct-ng no mmu 
Uclinux support but requires a no mmu tool chain. 

Building a toolchain by hand.

The reason why we dont want to use an mmu is complex , there is a thread on
it in ucLinux but basically building a type safe , memory safe micro kernel
OS since we run a single address space with compiler based checks an MMU
just becomes an overhead. Rather than the green field code we have been
working on for 2 years we can start with uClinux which will help things
along . 



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 > Ben> How to create an i386/686 or x86-64 No mmu ( eg ARCH-USE-MMU =
 > Ben> toolchain ?
 >Sorry, we don't have any non-mmu support. Why would you not want to use
 >the MMU on the i386/x86-64?
 >Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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