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Mon May 31 17:49:56 UTC 2010



I would like someone's advise for the course of action regarding a vendor
that used _buildroot_  to compile an embedded linux kernel for their
hardware product.


I have contacted them, and their response is below:

"Thank you for your inquiry.
Our company is using a standard BUILDROOT environment
(http://buildroot.uclibc.org/) to produce the product.
No modifications were made on original 2.6 kernel and other applications
under the GPL licence.
therefore we recommend you connect to http://buildroot.uclibc.org to get all
extra information."


Also, their product documentation and license doesn't mention at all GPL
license in relation to the linux kernel (and other stuff used).


So, given a hardware unit with embedded linux kernel built with _buildroot_,
what exact things does vendor have to provide:

-          In terms of documentation/license text?

-          In terms of source code and build environment (build and install


My assumptions are:

-          Documentation should mention the GPL license and the exact GPL
modules used. Also, documentation should state how to get the necessary
source code/configuration (FTP link, mailing address for CD order, etc.)

-          Source code (exact source tree or reference to an exact
version/revision) as well as exact configuration/makefiles used for building
the embedded environment (including configuration files for their buildroot
development environment) 


Any advise is highly appreciated. 


Thanks a lot


Kind regards,

Andrei Costin

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