[Buildroot] Buildroot How-To for QEMU/ARM

Jim Thomas jimthomasembedded at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 30 16:58:08 UTC 2010

Hi Grant,

  > Here's the .config file I last used -- AFAIR it was working at
  > that point:

I tried your .config file and was still unsuccessful with QEMU.

I diffed your .config file against that produced by 'make integrator926_defconfig', and there were no signficant differences.

Perhaps I am not having a Buildroot issue, but a QEMU invocation issue.

Do you recall the qemu-system-arm invocation that worked for you with the Linux kernel and RFS created by buildroot-2009.11?



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On 2010-01-27, Jim Thomas <jimthomasembedded at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I can build qemu-0.12.2 under Ubuntu 9.10 and boot Linux in
> QEMU using the pre-built kernel and RFS in arm-test-0.2, also
> from the QEMU project.
> Now I want to use QEMU to boot a Linux kernel and RFS that I
> built myself for ARM using buildroot-2009.11.
> I have not had much luck. Based on web searching, I have tried
> twisting knobs in 'make menuconfig' and rebuilt perhaps a
> couple of dozen times.
> Rather than do a core dump here of the details, I thought I
> would ask:
> Has anyone used buildroot-2009.11 to build a kernel and RFS
> for ARM that boot successfully under qemu-0.12.2?

I built for arm-integrator using HEAD back in
November/December, and it ran fine on qemu-0.9.1.  I didn't do
much with it other than boot it up, log in, and test the
virtual serial ports.

> Do step-by-step notes exist for how to do this for ARM that
> were written for these latest versions of Buildroot and QEMU,
> or that have been verified as still complete and correct?

Not that I've found.  There were some articles written a couple
years ago that have step-by-step instructions, but they're
missing a step or two and are also now out of date in a few

Here's the .config file I last used -- AFAIR it was working at
that point:

# Automatically generated make config: don't edit
# Wed Dec 16 09:10:07 2009

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