[Buildroot] [newbie]: create a rootfs for cross-compile

Sebastián Treu sebastian.treu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 07:10:13 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm new on this list and with this buildroot things. I'm almost 9 days
on the go and I have some doubts that the Docs do not cover enough for

I successfully build a rootfs for a mips processor. The processor is
an atheros ar7161 from a routerboard. I removed the licensed routerOS
and I began with openwrt. But, I needed dev packages to build new
packages. So I installed the openwrt SDK. And then I went into this
buildroot with uClibc.

My short question is: Is it possible to make an image of a rootfs for
x86 with the mips toolchain? The only rootfs images I could make was
for mips, I chrooted from the board successfully, but compiling on
those board are quite slow. I read the "how to build outside
buildroot" but I don't get quite well. How "make" will make use of all
the needed tools? Isn't it easier to build a jail root so you won't
mess up with your PATH? It's a n00b question, sry.

What I need and What I want is just extract a tarball, and issue a
make. If the source can't be cross-compiled (as mysql 5) it's just
another problem. The truth is that I have all the required tools but
if it's not from the "make menuconfig" I don't know how to use it with
a source code.

I managed to use the openwrt SDK for ncurses, but it's too messy the
Makefile one needs to create. I just want to be transparent as usual,
just "make". :-)

Thanks in advance,
If you want freedom, compile the source. Get gentoo.

Sebastián Treu

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