[Buildroot] DirectFB fails to build with buildroot 2009.11

Lionel Landwerlin llandwerlin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 13:31:24 UTC 2010


I'm experiencing the same problem since I'm using external toolchains. It
took me quite a few time to figure out the problem (and when cross compiling
from amd64 to i386, you don't even get any error at link time, but generated
binaries are unusuable...).

The problem is that when installing directfb, librairies are relinked for
the destination directory. This relink step uses the .la linker scripts from
the directfb installation which haven't been processed to replace the libdir
Thus, it ends up adding -L/usr/lib instead of -L$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/lib to
the compiler options.

Here is a patch to fix the problem. Apply it to your buildroot copy, and rm
-rf output/build/directfb-1.4.2

I'm pretty sure that others librairies have the same issue. We might need to
factorise this fix in Makefile.autotools.in... Not sure yet.



On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 2:13 PM, Gilles Talis <gilles.talis at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to cross-compile DirectFB using buildroot and I have an issue
> during the installation phase.
> I am using an external binary toolchain (codesourcery ARM toolchain). The
> output of my compilation is as follows:
> I have the same error for pretty much all libraries generated by the build
> process. At some point, compiler points the wrong libs directory: /usr/lib
> instead of <staging_dir>/usr/lib
> This is specific to DirectFB as I can compile about almost anything else
> :-)
> Example with the one of the GFX drivers libs generated:
> Making install in nvidia
> make[4]: Entering directory
> `/work/arm-linux/build/directfb-1.4.2/gfxdrivers/nvidia'
> make[5]: Entering directory
> `/work/arm-linux/build/directfb-1.4.2/gfxdrivers/nvidia'
> make[5]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am'.
> test -z "/usr/lib/directfb-1.4-0/gfxdrivers" || /bin/mkdir -p
> "/work/arm-linux/target/usr/lib/directfb-1.4-0/gfxdrivers"
> test -z "/usr/lib/directfb-1.4-0/gfxdrivers" || /bin/mkdir -p
> "/work/arm-linux/target/usr/lib/directfb-1.4-0/gfxdrivers"
>  /bin/bash ../../libtool   --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c -s '
> libdirectfb_nvidia.la'
> '/work/arm-linux/target/usr/lib/directfb-1.4-0/gfxdrivers/
> libdirectfb_nvidia.la'
> libtool: install: warning: relinking `libdirectfb_nvidia.la'
> (cd /work/arm-linux/build/directfb-1.4.2/gfxdrivers/nvidia; /bin/bash
> ../../libtool  --tag=CC --mode=relink
> /data/omap_linux/a0919486/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi/bin/arm-linux-gcc
> -Os -pipe -Os --sysroot /work/arm-linux/staging/ -O3 -ffast-math -pipe -Os
> -pipe -Os --sysroot /work/arm-linux/staging/ -D_GNU_SOURCE
> -Werror-implicit-function-declaration -module -avoid-version --sysroot
> /work/arm-linux/staging/ -lz --sysroot /work/arm-linux/staging/ -o
> libdirectfb_nvidia.la -rpath /usr/lib/directfb-1.4-0/gfxdrivers nvidia.lo
> nvidia_state.lo nvidia_2d.lo nvidia_3d.lo nvidia_primary.lo
> nvidia_overlay.lo -lm ../../lib/direct/libdirect.la ../../lib/fusion/
> libfusion.la ../../src/libdirectfb.la -ldl -lpthread -inst-prefix-dir
> /work/arm-linux/target)
> /data/omap_linux/a0919486/arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi/bin/arm-linux-gcc
> -Os -pipe -Os  --sysroot /work/arm-linux/staging/ -shared  .libs/nvidia.o
> .libs/nvidia_state.o .libs/nvidia_2d.o .libs/nvidia_3d.o
> .libs/nvidia_primary.o .libs/nvidia_overlay.o  -lz -lm
> -L/work/arm-linux/target/usr/lib -L/usr/lib -ldirect -lfusion -ldirectfb
> -ldl -lpthread  -Wl,-soname -Wl,libdirectfb_nvidia.so -o
> .libs/libdirectfb_nvidia.so
> /usr/lib/libm.so: file not recognized: File format not recognized
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> libtool: install: error: relink `libdirectfb_nvidia.la' with the above
> command before installing it
> make[5]: *** [install-nvidiaLTLIBRARIES] Error 1
> Any help would be highly appreciated
> Gilles.
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