[Buildroot] toolchain problem:wrong path in libSDL.la

Julien Boibessot julien.boibessot at free.fr
Wed Jan 27 14:43:41 UTC 2010

Hi Jens,

Jens a écrit :
> Hi Julien,
> Thank you very much! Yes in staging_dir libdir of libSDL.a has fixed now.
> But your patch is just a workaround because in build dir of SDL the
> path will be still wrong.
and why do you need libSDL.la from SDL build dir ?
Shouldn't you use staging_dir content to link your application against
SDL (or other .so) ?
> Could not find it as known bug in recent buglist, hence I supposed to
> write a new bug report, but I still don't have an account.
If think it's an SDL cross-compiling problem (libtool?). When
configuring SDL with --prefix="/usr" I think you will have a correct
libdir in libSDL.la, but in that case SDL would try to install itself in
/usr/ of your host.

So I will propose my workaround unless someone has a better idea...


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