[Buildroot] Buildroot for powerpc, no prompt + OpenSSH login

Sebastian bastisoft at arcor.de
Thu Jan 21 15:57:13 UTC 2010


as far as I know SSH logins are not allowed unless there is a password 
set. To not show the attacker that there is no password, the prompt is 
still shown.

To connect through SSH, you need to set a password (passwd). Then it 
should work. Preferably use another user and "su" to do administration.

Hope this helps,


> My bad ! I checked "generic serial port config", but forgot to select 
> "ttyUL0" ;-P...
> Thank you for your help.
> Anyway, my second problem still doesn't work, can you help me with that?
> I re-explain here:
> When I try the to connect to the OpenSSH of my card, it does ask me for 
> a password.
> But root user doesn't have a password, I can login without it.
> How to do? Should I connect with a different user? Is there a default 
> password for SSH?
> Thank you.

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