[Buildroot] toolchain problem:wrong path in libSDL.la

Jens irimi at gmx.de
Tue Jan 19 16:32:47 UTC 2010


I'm using recent version 2009.11 and I've added SDL package to my 

My br installation is at /mnt/ext3data/buildroot/

but br creates a wrong path of libdir in libSDL.la
resp. /mnt/ext3data/buildroot/output/build/staging_dir/usr/lib/libSDL.la):
--- cut ---
# Libraries that this one depends upon.
-L/mnt/ext3data/buildroot/output/build/staging_dir/lib -lm 
/mnt/ext3data/buildroot/output/build/staging_dir/usr/lib/libts.la -ldl 
# Directory that this library needs to be installed in:
--- cut ---

Of course the correct path at my machine is 
That makes it impossible to link applications that require the SDL lib, 
it leads to an linker error:  i.e. 'could not find SDL lib'

I checked older br versions , but same problem. Also an update (I 
switched to newer versions in br scripts) of SDL lib didn't help it nor 
update of libtool (as far as I understood that creates the *.la files !?).


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