[Buildroot] (no subject)

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Tue Jan 19 16:11:39 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Terry" == Terry Forrest <zippybot7 at hotmail.com> writes:

 Terry> Hi All - new to buildroot and am impressed!  Nice design
 Terry> and implementation.


 Terry> We would like to use BR to build for two architectures from
 Terry> the same tree.  We can use a local x86 for a "simulation" mode,
 Terry> and the target is arm.  I see that this is cleanly supported in the
 Terry> 2009.11 release.

 Terry> My question is on a "best practice" for this.  I've set up
 Terry> a top-level Makefile that goes something like this:

 Terry> TOPDIR    = path_to_my_top
 Terry> BUILD   = ${TOPDIR}/build
 Terry> BUILDROOT = buildroot-2009.11
 Terry> BROOT    = ${BUILD}/${BUILDROOT}

 Terry> setup-x86:
 Terry>     cp configs/buildroot-config-x86 ${BROOT}/.config
 Terry>     ${MAKE} -C ${BROOT} oldconfig

We already have a *_defconfig make target doing this, so if you rename
the file to buildroot-86_defconfig, then you can simply do:

make buildroot-x86_defconfig

 Terry> setup-arm:
 Terry>     cp configs/buildroot-config-arm ${BROOT}/.config
 Terry>     ${MAKE} -C ${BROOT} oldconfig

 Terry> build-x86: setup-x86
 Terry>     make -C ${BROOT} O=${BUILD}/output_x86

 Terry> build-arm: setup-arm
 Terry>     make -C ${BROOT} O=${BUILD}/output_arm

 Terry> This seems to work okay - any comments or warnings?
 Terry> Again, I'm new to BR and want to make sure I'm not
 Terry> gonna step in anything.

No, that's fine - I regulary use

make <something>_defconfig; make O=<somewhere>

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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