[Buildroot] Firmware Loading

Andrew Wiley debio264 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 07:37:07 UTC 2010

Okay, I'm back getting a more up to date setup working on my Cirrus Labs
EP9302, and things are mostly going well. Buildroot got me a working
filesystem the first time, and after some fun with kernels that were too
large for the flash partition I had set aside, the thing boots by itself.
Now I'm trying to get my USB wireless adapter to work. It's a ZyDas chipset
and uses the zd1211rw driver, which loads successfully, but fails to load
firmware. The firmware is in /lib/firmware (the driver requests
zd1211/zd1211_*, so it's actually in a subdirectory of /lib/firmware), but
when I try to do "ifconfig wlan0 up", I get a kernel message stating that
the firmware has been requested, a long wait, and an error -2 that the
loading the firmware failed.
I'm guessing this is user error, and from reading the lists, it looks like
mdev is supposed to do firmware loading, but echoing "/sbin/mdev" to
"/proc/sys/hotplug" (that second path is probably wrong; it was right when I
actually did the command) had no noticeable effect. What do I need to change
from the default configuration to get firmware loading to work? I've
verified that userspace firmware loading is enabled in my kernel.

Andrew Wiley
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