[Buildroot] Usbmount - can't get it to work

Will Moore will.moore at beraninstruments.com
Thu Jan 21 16:58:23 UTC 2010

On buildroot 2009.11 I added usbmount as I would like to automatically mount
a vfat USB memory stick when connected to my buildroot target.  However when
I connect a vfat USB memory stick, although it is detected as /dev/sda4 and
I can manually "mount /dev/sda4 /media/usb0", usbmount does not seem to want
to do this for me.

I have mkdir /media/usb0 through /media/usb7.  I have ensured that I have
set /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf FILESYSTEMS to include vfat and I have set 
FS_MOUNTOPTIONS="-fstype=vfat,gid=floppy,dmask=0007,fmask=0117".  I have
/sbin/usbmount executable on the target.  I do not see /var/log/usbmount or
/var/run/usbmount directories.

Usbmount documentation is thin on the ground so I am at a bit of a loss.  I
am not sure if usbmount is even running...
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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