[Buildroot] Make 3.82 does behave differently than make 3.81 for sure, but ...

James J. Dines jdines at jdines.net
Tue Aug 31 12:38:11 UTC 2010

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On 08/30/2010 06:15 PM, Malte Starostik wrote:
> Am Montag, 30. August 2010, 23:10:00 schrieb James J. Dines:
>>From make 3.82's NEWS file:
> * WARNING: Backward-incompatibility!
>   As a result of parser enhancements, three backward-compatibility issues
>   exist: first, a prerequisite containing an "=" cannot be escaped with a
>   backslash any longer.  [...].  Second, variable names can no
>   longer contain whitespace, unless you put the whitespace in a variable and
>   use the variable.  Third, in previous versions of make it was sometimes
>   not flagged as an error for explicit and pattern targets to appear in the
>   same rule.  Now this is always reported as an error.
> What you're referring to re the kernel Makefile is the third mentioned issue.  
> What happens with atk.mk is the second one instead:
> The incorrent Makefile snippet:
> ATK_CONF_OPT =  --enable-shared \
>                 --enable-static
>                 --disable-glibtest --enable-explicit-deps=no \
>                 --disable-debug
> assigns the vaue "--enable-shared --enable-static" to a variable named 
> "ATK_CONF_OPT" and the value "no --disable-debug" to a variable named "--
> disable-glibtest --enable-explicit-deps".
> I didn't know variable names with spaces (and even leading hyphens) were 
> allowed prior to 3.82, but that made make not barf on the above while of 
> course depriving $(ATK_CONF_OPT) of some of the options.
> Cheers
> Malte
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Thanks Malte!

In truth I would have NEVER looked in the NEWS file, as this seems like
it belongs in a file called IMPORTANT or something similar.

Now that I have this info I am armed to really take a look at what is
different about the build now that these errors will be properly caught.
 I have begun doing so and will report back on (some of?) my findings
later today.
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