[Buildroot] uImage build error

Choi, David David.Choi at Micrel.Com
Fri Aug 27 14:40:00 UTC 2010

Hello Thomas & all,

Thank you. I got it.

David J. Choi

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Hello David,

On Thu, 26 Aug 2010 17:26:09 -0700
"Choi, David" <David.Choi at Micrel.Com> wrote:

> Thank you for your e-mail. Basically I understand Buildroot is an
> independent from linux kernel, as you pointed out in your previous
> e-mail.
> The reason I posted the question is that users can select [kernel
> binary format] from [make menuconfig] in the buildroot of
> v2010.08-rc1.  
> As I need u-boot and linux kernel, I put the need information properly
> from the [make menuconfig]. When I choose vmlinux as a kernel binary
> format,
> I can see the root file system, kernel and u-boot in the output/image
> direcoty(rootfs.initcramfs, u-boot.bin and vmlinux.bin).
> But when I change uImage as a kernel binary format, there is an error
> message( make[1]: ***No rule to make target uImage. Stop).

>From your previous post, I understand that you are building for MIPS.
However, the kernel doesn't provide a "make uImage" target for the MIPS
architecture: you have to produce the mkimage'd kernel manually.

On the Buildroot side, we should just prevent you from selecting
"uImage" if the architecture does not support it.


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