[Buildroot] uImage build error

Choi, David David.Choi at Micrel.Com
Fri Aug 27 00:26:09 UTC 2010

Hello Marcus,


Thank you for your e-mail. Basically I understand Buildroot is an
independent from linux kernel, as you pointed out in your previous

The reason I posted the question is that users can select [kernel binary
format] from [make menuconfig] in the buildroot of v2010.08-rc1.  


As I need u-boot and linux kernel, I put the need information properly
from the [make menuconfig]. When I choose vmlinux as a kernel binary

I can see the root file system, kernel and u-boot in the output/image
direcoty(rootfs.initcramfs, u-boot.bin and vmlinux.bin).


But when I change uImage as a kernel binary format, there is an error
message( make[1]: ***No rule to make target uImage. Stop).


I also read the doc that you pointed but I can not find the clue to fix
this issue. 


If there is misunderstanding at my side, please make me correct.




David J. Choi




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Am 25.08.2010 23:41, schrieb Choi, David: 

Hi all,


I am new to buildroot. The version that I use is v2010.05(stable


As you see the attached, I almost the default value except mips(little
endian mode).

My Linux version is version) and configuration is


Whenever I have tried to build uImage, I have gotten an error message
saying "make[1]: *** No rule to make target `uImage`. Stop.

(Even though I have tried with v2010.08(rc1), I had the same error



Make sure to run 2010.08(rc1) or higher (there were some patches in the
past concerning kernel image building). Please activate the U-Boot
bootloader. This should compile a mkimage which will be needed for
creating an uImage.
>make menuconfig (activate u-boot and/or kernel building if you want

( Are you trying to run make uImage after deflating? This is not the
linux kernel. Buildroot is an independant project.
Please read docu page first:
http://buildroot.uclibc.org/downloads/buildroot.html )


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