[Buildroot] Configuring host-lzo fails

Ossy ossy1980 at gmx.net
Sat Aug 21 15:58:09 UTC 2010

Am 21.08.2010 16:41, schrieb Ossy:
> Am 18.08.2010 23:34, schrieb Ossy:
>> Am 13.08.2010 12:26, schrieb Thomas Petazzoni:
>>> This is fixed in my for-2010.08 branch, the specific commit being
>>> http://git.buildroot.net/~tpetazzoni/git/buildroot/commit/?h=for-2010.08&id=fee182d20d9b1876436c9673744ae6312a40e889.
>>> If you have the time to test this branch and report whether it also
>>> fixes the problem for you, it'd be nice.
>  > [host-zlib error]
> The same patch applied, I ran into an error with expat today:
> configure: error: no acceptable ld found in $PATH
> make: ***
> [/home/ossy/buildroot/buildroot-dev/output/build/expat-2.0.1/.stamp_configured]
> Fehler 1
> After make flush; make the system build went on without problems.
The same whith which-2.20:
/buildroot/buildroot-dev/output/staging -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..     -Os 
-pipe -Os  -mtune=arm926ej-s -march=armv5te -mabi=aapcs-linux 
-I/home/ossy/buildroot/buildroot-dev/output/staging/include -c shell.c
Unknown depmode none
make[3]: *** [tilde.o] Fehler 1

I had to make flush and rm -r output/build/which-2.20/
After flushing and removing the system build went on. Including which.

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