[Buildroot] [Bug 2395] libglib2-2.24.1 and libxml2-2.7.7 fails build on MIPS because is missing -ldl

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Mon Aug 16 20:26:21 UTC 2010


--- Comment #3 from Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com>  ---
> I reported, just after do a make clean , make clean is that enough ?

'make clean' is indeed enough. Please put the full build log online somewhere.
As I can't reproduce the issue, if you don't provide a full build log so that I
can start the investigation, I will unfortunately have no other option than
closing this bug because of missing information.

You can also try to reproduce by disabling BR2_CONFIG_CACHE (by default it is
enabled). I'm fairly strongly suspecting a configure cache issue.

> > the Makefiles are
> > generated files, and the fact that -ldl is needed or not should be detected by
> > the ./configure script.
> ./configure is the file that I should try to patch ?

No. configure is also generated. For the error you're describing, there should
be nothing to patch. It should just work.

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