[Buildroot] linux26 in package dependency does not build linux

Quotient Remainder quotientvremainder at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 10:54:36 UTC 2010

Ar Sath, 2010-08-14 ag 00:52 +0200, scríobh Lionel Landwerlin:

> Why not creating package/Makefile.kmod instead of
> package/kmod/kmod-common.mk ? We already have a few .mk files there.

A lowly contributor such as myself would not dare to dream of the
dizzying heights of adding a second-level makefile.  ;-}
But yes, given that it's just a couple of macro definitions it probably
should be as you say.

> > The problem is that building a module requires a configured kernel
> > source.
> > I thought adding a prerequisite of "linux26" in the module makefile (via
> > kmod-common.mk) would cause linux to be built and so overcome this but
> > it is not being built before the modules.
> > 
> > I see that linux-fusion has linux26 in its dependency list and that
> > seems to work so my idea shouldn't be that far-fetched.
> > Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

> > +define KMOD_$(call UPPERCASE,$(1))_BUILD_CMDS
> > +# Pass KDIR to package makefile so it can reference kernel.
> > +	$(MAKE) -C $$(@D) KDIR=$$(LINUX26_DIR)
> > +endef # KMOD_$(call UPPERCASE,$(1))_BUILD_CMDS.
> > +
> Have you tried to cross compile for another architecture ?
> Because I can't see where you're adding the CROSS_COMPILE parameter.
> linux/linux.mk defines a LINUX26_MAKE_FLAGS variable, maybe you would
> like to use it.

You're right, I forgot this this out.  Actually, I'm cross-compiling all
the time (for ARM on x86) but I cheated and added a config.mk in the
kernel source that sets up ARCH, CROSS_COMPILE and INSTALL_MOD_*.  These
should disappear when I get BR working.

> Regards,
> -- 
> Lionel Landwerlin

Thanks for the above advice but I'm still left wondering about my main
question: why isn't the LINUX26 dependency causing the kernel to be
built first?

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