[Buildroot] [PATCH] fix dropbear install

Marc Gauthier marc at tensilica.com
Thu May 28 06:03:30 UTC 2009

Fix dropbear install

The -D option to install only works portably when the destination is a file.
Specifying the filename avoids the following build error (at least on some hosts):
"/usr/bin/install: cannot overwrite directory `/tmp/buildroot/project_build_foobar/uclibc/root/etc/init.d' with non-directory"

Signed-off-by: Marc Gauthier <marc at tensilica.com>

diff --git a/package/dropbear/dropbear.mk b/package/dropbear/dropbear.mk
index e84df87..63d3daa 100644
--- a/package/dropbear/dropbear.mk
+++ b/package/dropbear/dropbear.mk
        ln -snf ../sbin/dropbear $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/bin/scp
        ln -snf ../sbin/dropbear $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/bin/ssh
        if [ ! -f $(TARGET_DIR)/etc/init.d/S50dropbear ]; then \
-               $(INSTALL) -m 0755 -D package/dropbear/S50dropbear $(TARGET_DIR)/etc/init.d; \
+               $(INSTALL) -m 0755 -D package/dropbear/S50dropbear $(TARGET_DIR)/etc/init.d/S50dropbear; \
        touch $@

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