[Buildroot] Obtaining old SVN revision

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Wed May 13 11:51:13 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Will" == Will Wagner <will_wagner at carallon.com> writes:

 Will> Hello all,

 Will> Following the transition to git how can I checkout buildroot to
 Will> a specific SVN revision?

 Will> I had hoped that the SVN repository would remain read only for a while
 Will> but it seems to have gone away. Presumably I can clone git and then
 Will> checkout back to the revision I want, I'm just not sure how to specify
 Will> that in git. Do I just have to work out what date the SVN revision
 Will> was?

Hmm, that's a mistake - svn should continue to work (read only). I'll
check with the osuosl.org guys. We don't have any links with the
correspondence between svn and git revisions, but I still have my
git-svn tree, so if you give me the svn rev, then I'll look up the
corresponding git revision.

You can checkout older git revisions with git checkout <rev>. Normally
you can also use the date based syntax (see man git-rev-parse) like:

git show @{2009-05-01}, but the commit dates are not correct for the
pre-git commits.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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