[Buildroot] X11 and buildroot..

Steffen Schulz pepe_ml at gmx.net
Thu May 7 08:29:27 UTC 2009

Second attempt, seems my attachments were too big..

On 090506 at 17:30, Peter Korsgaard wrote:
> >>>>> "Steffen" == Steffen Schulz <pepe_ml at gmx.net> writes:
>  Steffen> is there any buildroot configuration that gives me a working
>  Steffen> X11 using the framebuffer?
>  Steffen> I saw updates in the X11 area again for the current rc1, but
>  Steffen> I still fail to compile anything using X11.
> Strange, it works here ..

That is good to hear. Care to send a sample .config?

>  Steffen> Currently, if I select tinyX and xserver, xfont-encodings
>  Steffen> will complain about missing mkfontscale. If I add that to
>  Steffen> the dependencies, it still complains since the binary is not
>  Steffen> copied to staging. Even then it seems some shared libraries
>  Steffen> are missing that ldd fails to tell me about.
> Hmm, maybe it needs it at build time, E.G. present on the host. Do you
> have it installed on your host? Send your .config and I'll give it a
> try, we should probably build it for the host as well.
I have mkfontscale on the host. And when I copy it from the build
directory to staging, it is used by xfont_encodings. But libs are
missing. I tried and failed so often with previous svn versions
that I did not investigate further.

My .config is very simple since I just wanted to see if the build is
getting somewhere. For X11, I activated TinyX and then xorg-server.
This pulls in several libraries and needs i18n, WCHAR etc.

The qtopia error is also at compile time. It might just work if I
enable that funny switch, but since it is not enabled it seems this is
not a common problem either.

I essentially need a minimal X using fbdev so that I can try to port
some apps(virt-manager and a ton of dependencies)..

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