[Buildroot] Won't build kernel

Dan Lyke danlyke at flutterby.com
Sat Jan 31 00:44:18 UTC 2009

On Fri, 30 Jan 2009 18:43:11 -0500
Daniel Jabbour <daniel at laptouchinc.com> wrote:
> I'm pretty new to buildroot. However, I have been successfully able
> to compile a toolchain and root fs. Now I am trying to also compile
> a kernel using buildroot.

If you haven't used one of the "_defconfig" files (ie: I'm working on
at at91sam9261-ek board for prototyping, so I do a "make
at91sam9261_defconfig" to set up default configuration), then you may
need to do a "make linux26-menuconfig" as a separate step to set up a
Linux kernel configuration. This will probably also need a whole bunch
of setup for your board.

Am I making any sense here?


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