[Buildroot] Updating toolchain config options to help external toolchain support.

Daniel Laird danieljlaird at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 18:48:28 UTC 2009

I like this option, however I think this is too big a change to make before releasing.
I think we should move to this after the release.
In the mean time I will make the commits (with comments/feedback that has been provided)
And then we should look into this for the next release (a really good idea).Daniel Laird> Subject: Re: [Buildroot] Updating toolchain config options to help external toolchain support.> From: ulf.samuelsson at atmel.com> To: danieljlaird at hotmail.com> CC: buildroot at uclibc.org> Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 19:12:30 +0100> > > > After a lot a playing around I have made some changes to the toolchain> > configuration options.> > This now allows users of external binary toolchains to enable/disable the> > same set of features as those> > who are building a toolchain using buildroot or external source.> > However the number of changes mean that I would like to post the patch below> > for comments before commiting it.> > I have tested the external toolchain support side of things and checked the> > options are all ok but I have not built a new> > buildroot toolchain (never done this)> > perhaps someone can comment on patch below: If not I would like to commit by> > friday to enable a few days testing before final release.> > > > Many thanks> > Daniel Laird> > > > > > If you have an external toolchain which is built in a certain way, > then I think it makes more sense to have a file which > contains the settings of that toolchain:> > config BR2_EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN> defeds on ...> select BR2_WCHAR> select BR2_EXT_PTHREADS> select BR2_GCC_CROSS_CXX> select ...> > Why give the user an option to configure buildroot to> use the wrong parameters.> > As I mentioned before, I think the toolchain should be> built as as seaprate item, and then provide> its configuration in a file like above.> > Package disabled by the toolchain needs to > be replaced by a Comment during menuconfig.> > > BR> Ulf Samuelsson> 
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