[Buildroot] Some AT91SAM9261-EK Notes

QuickX quickx at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 23 23:06:42 UTC 2009

I was able to narrow down the problem a bit more.  It seems that the 
"UCLIBC_SUPPORT_AI_ADDRCONFIG" is what causes the Segfaults/Core Dumps, 
however, this option is only available if UCLIBC_USE_NETLINK is set.

Results: 0.9.30 (with 0.9.30 config, minus UCLIBC_SUPPORT_AI_ADDRCONFIG) 
works fine for dropbear and samba.

> What is the impact of doing that?
I'm not really sure of the impact.  From the uClibc-menuconfig help it 
states following if they are helpful.

  ¦ In newer versions of Linux (2.4.17+), support was added for querying
  ¦ network device information via netlink rather than the old style
  ¦ ioctl's.  Most of the time, the older ioctl style is sufficient (and
  ¦ it is smaller than netlink), but if you find that not all of your
  ¦ devices are being returned by the if_nameindex() function, you will
  ¦ have to use the netlink implementation.
  ¦ Most people can safely answer N.

  ¦ The implementation of AI_ADDRCONFIG is aligned with the glibc
  ¦ implementation using netlink to query interfaces to find both
  ¦ ipv4 and ipv6 support. This is only needed if an application uses
  ¦ the AI_ADDRCONFIG flag.
  ¦ Most people can safely answer N. 

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