[Buildroot] busybox login problem on AT91SAM9263

Stridh, Robin ActeSE robin.stridh at acteembedded.se
Thu Jan 22 19:12:17 UTC 2009

 Robin> I configured buildroot to use an external toolchain and tried
 Robin> using the toolchain built with the working configuration
 Robin> (r24822) to build the current version of the root file system
 Robin> (r24966). Here the login actually works!

Seems I've been searching a dead end. I compared the configurations and 
found that I had Target ABI set to EABI, but Ulf has used OABI in 
at91sam9263ek_defconfig. When selecting OABI the login works for all 
versions I have tried, including r24966 from today.

I know I have selected EABI in buildroot sucessfully in the past and my kernel 
is built to support both. Now I have no idea when this thing broke - probably 
months ago.

What ABI is recommended for Buildroot? I though that if selectable you should 
always choose EABI since it's newer?

Best regards,
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