[Buildroot] DirectFB fetch problem (no tarball on the primary mirror)

Sven Neumann s.neumann at phase-zero.de
Wed Jan 21 15:04:54 UTC 2009


On Wed, 2009-01-21 at 16:57 +0200, Ihar Hrachyshka wrote:
> Hello guys!
> I have a problem building the image with DirectFB because it can't
> fetch the source tarball from the mirror (no such file there). It
> seems that DirectFB was updated by upstream from 1.2.6 to 1.2.7 and
> then upstream developers removed the source tarball for previous
> version from their repo. I think we should update the DirectFB version
> to 1.2.7 because it's basically a bug fix release.

The 1.2.6 tarball can be found at

But I agree that buildroot should update to version 1.2.7.


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