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Daniel James Laird daniel.j.laird at nxp.com
Wed Jan 14 08:30:00 UTC 2009

I submitted a change to ext-tool.mk that should now check if your toolchain is built with sysroot support and if it is do the copying and if it is not then don't. 
I have tested by building my buildroot with ELDK4.0 (no sysroot support)  and my own toolchain (With Sysroot) and they both work.

However do you mean we pass --sysroot= in both cases as well?
In which case a similar fix to the one I made to ext-tool.mk should be used to decide whether to add --sysroot=....

What do you think?
Dan laird

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On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 10:52:49PM -0600, Eric wrote:
> Also I did build my tool chain with sysroot support ... so you would have to
> do the same to get that to work.

Right. I notice that --sysroot is being used even if gcc is compiled
without it. And it appears that sysroot is buggy in gcc 4.1.2, which is
what I'm using currently.

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