[Buildroot] Buildroot Not Using Saved Config for Linux

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Mon Jan 5 23:11:31 UTC 2009

I can't get buildroot to use the "local\MYPROJECT\linux-" file no matter what.  It always uses the "project_build_arm/at91sam9261ek/linux-" file, or creates a new one if it doesn't exsist.
Steps I do to test:
make linux26-menuconfig
make saveconfig
make linux26-menuconfig (EDIT SOMETHING ELSE)
The (EDIT SOMETHING ELSE) changes are used, not the config that was saved.  Even if I delete the "project_build_arm/at91sam9261ek/linux-" it just creates a new one, asking questions during the build process, instead of using the one located in the local directory.  Same result if I delete everything and grab a new buildroot with svn, and then copy the "local" directory to it and issue the following:
make menuconfig
I'm using a Kubuntu 8.10 machine.  The "MYPROJECT.config" defines the ".//local/at91sam9261ek/linux-" as the linux config after a "make saveconfig".  AKA: BR2_PACKAGE_LINUX_KCONFIG=".//local/at91sam9261ek/linux-"
I'm unsure if this matters but the "BR2_PACKAGE_LINUX_KCONFIG" is usally defined in the middle of the .config file and after a "make saveconfig" it's defined at the very botton of the .config file.  I've tired using: BR2_PACKAGE_LINUX_KCONFIG="./local/at91sam9261ek/linux-" (AKA changing the ".//" to "./") and it doesn't fix the problem.
Small thing since it's easy to issue a "cp local\MYPROJECT\linux- project_build_arm\MYPROJECT\linux-\.config" command before building if I think it's needed, which builds fine.  Am I using the "make saveconfig" & "make BOARD=MYPROJECT" incorrectly?
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