[Buildroot] Won't build kernel

Daniel Jabbour daniel at laptouchinc.com
Fri Jan 30 23:43:11 UTC 2009


I'm pretty new to buildroot. However, I have been successfully able to  
compile a toolchain and root fs. Now I am trying to also compile a  
kernel using buildroot.

I enabled the kernel build by going to make menuconfig and enabling  
the following:
	Kernel type (linux (Advanced configuration)) --->
	Linux Kernel Version (The latest stable Linux kernel ( --->
	Linux Kernel Configuration --->
		Run make ARCH=$(ARCH) [xconfig|menuconfig] before build
		Preferred config tool (make menuconfig) --->
	kernel binary format (vmlinux) --->
	Destinations for linux kernel binaries  --->
		Copy kernel to <dir>... (binaries/)

make produces the following error:

rm -rf /home/djabbour/source/buildroot/project_build_i486/LtOS-1/ 
mkdir -p /home/djabbour/source/buildroot/project_build_i486/LtOS-1
cp -dpRf package/config/buildroot-config /home/djabbour/source/ 
/home/djabbour/source/buildroot/toolchain_build_i486/bin/sed -i -e '/ 
CONFIG_AEABI=y/d' /home/djabbour/source/buildroot/project_build_i486/ 
/home/djabbour/source/buildroot/toolchain_build_i486/bin/sed: can't  
read /home/djabbour/source/buildroot/project_build_i486/LtOS-1/ 
linux- No such file or directory
make: *** [/home/djabbour/source/buildroot/project_build_i486/LtOS-1/ 
linux-] Error 2

Daniel Jabbour
Software Engineer
Laptouch, Inc.

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