[Buildroot] {buildroot 0004384]: GCC 4.3.1 fails with cannot compute suffix of object files

Maxim Grigoriev maxim at tensilica.com
Fri Jan 30 23:02:36 UTC 2009

There is a buildroot issue 0004384:


I understand it's a generic architecture-independent GCC 4.3.1+ compiler 
mentioned several times in different places ( e.g. bugzilla PRs 35577, 
35693 ).

On the buildroot mailing, list I found a reference to the patch


introduced by "antezedens" somewhere around 09-10-08.
But, I was not able to find this patch. Looks like it was withdrawn.

                          * * * * *

My question is: is this build failure supposed to be fixed on
the BUILDROOT makefiles/scripts level ? Or, setting 


from the top of buildroot tree is assumed to be a standard
setup for the buildroot build ? Is it documented anywhere ?

-- Maxim

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