[Buildroot] busybox login problem on AT91SAM9263

Stridh, Robin ActeSE robin.stridh at acteembedded.se
Thu Jan 22 15:47:23 UTC 2009

 Robin> I configured buildroot to use an external toolchain and tried
 Robin> using the toolchain built with the working configuration
 Robin> (r24822) to build the current version of the root file system
 Robin> (r24966). Here the login actually works!

 Robin> Using an newer toolchain, but still external (r24936) still
 Robin> gives the same login problem. Also building todays buildroot
 Robin> with todays toolchain gives the same problem. Seems the
 Robin> problem lies within the toolchain.  Ulf: you said something
 Robin> about that you maybe updated the uClibc configuration. Can you
 Robin> explain this?

Peter> Strange. Between those two versions we changed the default gcc version
Peter> from 4.2.4 to 4.3.2 - Are both compilations with gcc 4.2.4?

Both are built with gcc 4.2.4, binutils 2.18, uClibc 0.9.30

 Robin> If I have to rebuild the toolchain each time it will take
 Robin> time, but I will make some more experiments.

Peter> Thanks, please do it as a binary search instead of more-or-less random
Peter> versions.

Yes, I will try that. The reason for the versions I tried is that I already had
those toolchains built. I'm currently running a new build, but it takes time...

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