[Buildroot] misc development news

Markus Heidelberg markus.heidelberg at web.de
Wed Apr 29 21:00:40 UTC 2009

Thiago A. Corrêa, 29.04.2009:
> Hi Peter,
> 2009/4/28 Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at uclibc.org>:
> > In fact I would like us to move to a workflow where all changes are
> > first posted to the list before committing to the official tree,
> > similar to how it's handled in the Linux kernel, U-Boot,  ..
> I don't see that working. It does for the linux kernel because of the
> size of it's contributor base, we are greatly under powered for this
> scheme. Patches would just get a big backlog for you to handle and we
> would be unable to help.
> I think the current commit first review later works best in our case.
> We don't quite have enough ppl reviewing changes and reverting a patch
> has been uncommon, yet, it's not that hard when necessary.

Peter seems to review many commits and fixes them or asks the committers
to fix them. So maybe the work isn't really less nowadays, but I'm not

> > We had various problems in the past with the svn "ghetto" style of
> > development where all developers could commit as they pleased with
> > very little review. The git setup works for projects much larger than
> > ours, so I think it's atleast worth a try.
> I think the problem was with people management and how we did (or
> actually didn't do) conflict solving. In the past we didn't have a
> maintainer to help solving the conflicts.
> We are not going to really solve it with a different tool.

The problems don't have to be solved, because they don't exist any more,
at least not in this amount.


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