[Buildroot] misc development news

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Wed Apr 29 09:44:44 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at uclibc.org> writes:


 Peter> - svn->git: Migration is starting to take shape. We have digged
 Peter> through svn history and found proper author/email info for all
 Peter> developers for the conversion, and the osuosl.org staff is setting
 Peter> up gitweb, commit notifications and various minor stuff for the
 Peter> conversion. Expect more info in ~1 weeks time.

 Peter> Ok - Timing was "slightly" off, but the svn->git migration
 Peter> uclibc.org-wide is almost completed. The repo can be browsed through
 Peter> cgit at:


 Peter> The repo was synched on the 17th, so it's missing the latest
 Peter> changes. The svn repo will be turned read only once the final sync is
 Peter> done, but more info about that later.

>From the osuosl.org staff:

Hi, if you are satisfied with the test git setup I am ready to perform
the final conversion.  I expect about an hour between freezing the SVN
repo and having the git repos ready if everything goes according to
plan.  Would Thursday at 10AM be an acceptable time?

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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